Anti-bedbug mattress - Hotels - Residences - Luxury apartments and houses

Anti-bedbug mattress - Hotels - Residences - Luxury apartments and houses

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INNOVATIVE ANTI-BED BED BITTER MATTRESS: research in the medical field, and more particularly in pressure sore prevention, has given rise to some particularly interesting new discoveries, enabling us to offer an anti-bed bug mattress because all parts of this mattress can be washed in your domestic washing machine at 60°C, a particularly effective treatment against bed bugs.

The mattress material, made from polyurethane fiber, is resistant to repeated machine washing at 60°C.

You can wash your mattress completely, as many times as you like, in a washing machine...

It's the BEST way to get rid of repeated bedbug invasions, and you don't have to throw your mattress away, since you can machine wash the whole thing.

No more throwing away your infested mattress, and you save a lot of money.

The polyurethane-fibre mattress interior dries in 5 minutes. The cover can be tumble-dried.

This mattress is particularly recommended for houses, apartments and all forms of accommodation invaded by bed bugs.

The invasion of bedbugs affects everyone, and is spreading rapidly, since a bedbug lays up to 15 eggs a day, which hatch 7 days later...Bedbugs lay eggs everywhere:

On the trains

In the metro :

In Hospitals :

in cinemas

and these bedbugs end up in your apartment, in your house, in your vacation rental... and lodge themselves in your bed, in your sofa, in your armchair, in your seats... and you'll be bitten to the core, with a nice itchy itching.

A deputy brings a bedbug to the National Assembly:


Where do bedbugs travel?

Bedbugs invade Paris:

After the rats that are everywhere in Paris, what does the Mairie de Paris have to say about bedbugs?



Which mattress to choose and what size? 

You can choose the size of your mattress when you order online. If you require a different size, please contact us via the "contact us" link.

This mattress can be used for other purposes, and also meets the needs of families with children or adults suffering from urinary incontinence, or more generally from "bedwetting". The mattress is fully washable (inside and out) in a domestic washing machine. This means you'll never have to worry about unpleasant residual odors.

The maximum weight of a person or patient is 120 kg. 

The damp-proof mattress is available in several sizes. Please consult us.

For complete cleaning of the mattress, the cover can be removed with a zip. L'he mattress interior is made of polyurethane fiber. The 2 parts are fully washable in a washing machine, for impeccable hygiene and no residual odors.

The mattresses are designed to be fully washable and disinfectable in a washing machine at 60°C to ensure impeccable hygiene. 

You can use a domestic washing machine (8 kg to 13 kg) and your usual brand of detergent (the same as for your clothes). If you wish, you can add bleach diluted at 2% for better bactericidal activity.

The inside of the mattress can also be washed with a high-pressure hose (Kärcher). 


Technical characteristics of the anti-bedbug & anti-humidity mattress :

- Stage I and II anti-bedsore therapeutic mattress  

- Therapeutic air height: 10 cm 

- Breathable cover, impermeable to liquids, permeable to air, reduces the risk of maceration due to perspiration

- The cover is two-way stretchable to prevent rubbing and shearing

- Maximum patient weight: 120 kg 

- Fighting nosocomial infections: wash mattresses (inside and out) in a washing machine 


What about CSR? How can we promote ecology, the circular economy and sustainable development?

The mattress is made of polyurethane fibers.

This material ensures total decontamination of the mattress in the washing machine.

Automated washing machine cleaning ensures impeccable hygiene and many years of mattress use.

This reuse after machine washing, promotes the circular economy and sustainable development.


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