White cushion for navigator seat - set of 6 cubes

White cushion for navigator seat - set of 6 cubes

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INNOVATION: medical research in the field of pressure sores now makes it possible to offer the covering of navigator seats and seat shells...

Skippers in ULTIME class, IMOCA class, Class 40, Ocean Fifty, will be able to manage their resting time and their sleep/recovery time phases, in optimal conditions of comfort in their seats-hulls during their offshore races.

We had the opportunity to meet some skippers... before the departure of the Route du Rhum - 2023 Edition - during the 12 days before the departure in Saint Malo.

We wondered how they managed their rest/sleep time, and their time spent at the chart table, in case of strong swell with impressive speeds... "It's a beating"...they tell me... "We are well shaken"!

We came back the next day with a cushion... We explained to 2 skippers the material - made of polyurethane fiber - which has the characteristic of "cushioning well" and staying dry, even in wet conditions .

The cushion remains dry and comfortable...

We asked them what was the next race after the Route du Rhum. They answered: Transat Jacques Vabre, Jules Vernes Trophy, Vendée Globe, etc...

We thanked them, we took their contact details, and we told them that they would have an answer for their helm seats and their hull seats, well before the start of the Vendée Globe, at a very attractive price, so that each skipper can comfortably benefit from his rest periods even when it's hard, for the recovery periods called "micro-sleep".

We are the 1st of May 2023 and the "10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm cube" to be stuck with a double-sided tape on its seat-shell is finally available for sale.

Depending on the shape of your navigator seat or your seat-shell you will glue between 30 and 60 cubes...depending on the comfort you wish to obtain, in short "well padded according to your ergonomics". You can space the cubes according to the desired comfort.

And you do it yourself with quality double-sided tape. Doing it yourself is the cheapest way, and at least, you are sure of a job well done, so that it holds well in the spray...thanks to the brand "SCOTCH EXTREM" that you can find at Leroy-Merlin or in any DIY store.

To try the cushion-cube 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm, the best is to order a batch of 6 cubes, or by multiple of 6 cubes and to make your own seat-boat, where you will use between 30 and 60 cubes according to your desired comfort and ergonomics.

For those who would see other uses for these cushion-cubes, yes they are very numerous...

Concerning your physical safety at the level of the face during offshore racing competitions, "when it beats and you are at your card table..."...better to stick one or 2 cubes, at the places where you risk to hit...

We have been told that from time to time, some skippers have to be stitched up, as it is so hard...

Think of your benches, benches, and cubes to cushion yourself when you are lying down, and that it beats... The cubes, it maintains...

These cubes are suitable for all sailboats participating in offshore races such as :

- Vendée Globe

- Route du Rhum

- Transat Jacques Vabre

- Solitaire du Figaro

- Jules Verne Trophy

- Mini Transat

- Volvo Ocean Race

- America's Cup

- Tall Ship Race

- Fastnet Race

- Admiral's Cup

Congratulations to all the skippers for your offshore races which make us vibrate!



How to rinse your cushions with fresh water

- Machine wash at 60° as for your linen.

Cushion durability

The cover as well as the inside of the cushion are particularly resistant. The material used allows for a very frequent and long lasting washing. We use this material for other applications in hospitals and have been washing this material for over 15 years.

Cushions - Features and Delivery

Composition : The washable cushion is made of polyurethane, which gives it its lightness and its softness pleasant to the touch.

The cushion offers many advantages, such as safety, hygiene, comfort, budget savings and environmental friendliness. 

Deliveries and returns:  

Your package is delivered within 3 days all over France depending on available stocks.

For delivery in Europe, the delivery time after receipt of your order is 4 to 5 days, subject to stock availability. We are based in Lille, France, and produce according to customer orders. In the event of stock shortages or specific orders, the delivery time will be longer. In this case, we'll send you an SMS to let you know.

For reasons of hygiene, health protection and sanitary environment - COVID-19 or other bacteria and viruses, no return will be accepted from the moment the product has been delivered, unpacked or unsealed.

No product may be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection in accordance with the French provisions of article L 221-28, 5° of the Consumer Code.