Cap for glass - Set of 100

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To young girls, high school or university students...

Protect yourself from illegal substances put in your drink without your consent, during your student parties...

Minimise your risk of malicious acts against you with the Drink Cover E3A...

No girl feels safer going out on student nights, to discos, concerts/festivals...or simply in bars...

All major French cities and all university halls of residence are affected by this scourge.

Awareness of the need to protect young girls, whether in high school or university, is becoming a priority!

Be careful! Never leave your glass! Hold it in your hand with one finger on the E3A Drink Cover...

All young people are affected, including boys...

It doesn't just happen to others!

...even at the age of 35 with keys and personal belongings stolen, sometimes resulting in a home burglary .

You can fit the E3A Drink Cover to almost any size of glass.

Re-use your E3A Drink Coveras much as you wish,...because it can be rinsed in hot water...

Promote zero waste and preserve your environment...

...ultimately at a lower price than existing cotton and/or disposable products!

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E3A Drink Cover - Features and Delivery  


The washable, navy blue E3A Drink Cover is made of polyurethane, which makes it light and flexible and pleasant to the touch.

Manufactured in Europe for immediate availability and delivery.

Low-carbon in transport, it's a real ecological boost!

European environmental standards are met.

Deliveries and returns:  

The parcel is prepared the day after your order.

Then, your parcel arrives in 3 days on all France according to available stocks, and very often the following day according to the destination.

For delivery in Europe, the delivery time after receipt of your order is 4 days.

Outside Europe, the delivery time is that of the UPS (United Parcel Service) carrier, specific to each country.

For reasons of hygiene, health protection and sanitary environment - COVID-19 or other bacteria and viruses, no return will be accepted from the moment the product has been delivered, unpacked or unsealed.

No product may be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection in accordance with the French provisions of article L 221-28, 5° of the Consumer Code.

Care and Use Tips - Glass/mini charcoal canopyE3A washable and navy blue

  1. Spray disinfection
  2. Rinsable with hot water
  3. Machine washable at 60° C

Save valuable time by rinsing with hot water!

To reduce your carbon footprint, you are making the right choice by using a polyurethane-based material. will promote zero waste, by reusing it many times.

Avoid cotton or single-use products if you have an alternative...

As a raw material, cotton requires a lot of water during cultivation.

Cotton harvesting is a labour intensive and time consuming industry.

...This is very often synonymous with the exploitation of women and children in the producing countries.

Don't waste the planet's resources of raw materials by buying single-use products. Especially if you throw them away after a short use!

Elyos offers you an alternative... Prefer the polyurethane raw material, washable and reusable

Protect yourself and your environment with the E3A glass canopy / mini-canopy...Buy now!


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