Drinking glass cover E3A

Rinsable under hot water and washable in washing machine

Desinfected by spraying

Disinfect by spraying as much as necessary, save precious time,

Alternative to single use, with Elyos, promote zero waste.


Prefer reusable washable PPE, make great savings and promote zero waste.

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Drinking glass cover E3A

Protect yourself! Avoid the risk of introduction of illegal drugs put into your glass without your consent, when you go out to night parties…! With the drinking glass cover E3A, reduce malicious acts as much as possible!

“The number of sexual abuses of young girls due to “date-rape drug” is increasing dramatically. When they want to go out to bars, student parties or discos, no young girls feel safe anymore…”

The drinking glass cover E3A is made to fight this scourge in every major cities and university campuses.

Be alert when you go out to student parties, bars, lounges, festivals, Rock concerts, nightclubs…

Never quit your glass  ! And hold your glass with the drinking glass cover E3A on it, with your finger on it as well.

Don’t think it only happens to young girls! Young boys, from college or university…Be aware and protect yourself!

And know that even the adults can be victim of it.

…being robbed of their keys, and their personnal belongings, with sometimes, their home burgled.

The drinking glass cover E3A exists in a size adaptable to fast any size of glass.

Hotwater rinseable or machine washable, you re-use your drinking glass cover E3A so many times!

You respect your envionment promoting zero waste, and with a lower price than other products made in cotton or “single use” products.

Protect yourself and preserve your environment! Buy now! Click below :









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