About Elyos


About Elyos

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About Elyos: the company is recognised for its know-how in  "polyurethane coating" textiles, particularly in disinfection and washing in washing machines. Disinfected and washed for more than 15 years into washing machines, according to Eurofins Institut Pasteur de Lille protocols with bactericidal and sporicidal results, the "polyurethane coatings" textiles are resistant in the long term.

With other protcols such as spray disinfection, possible on "polyurethane coated" textiles, Elyos is an alternative "to be studied closely", as soon as your protocols, your organisation and your uses allow it.

As an alternative to single use, choosing Elyos is a considerable step forward in the control of your budget, allows you to save precious time, and preserves your environment by promoting zero waste.

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Elyos allows you to make great savings and save precious time with washable and reusable PPE.


Elyos can be disinfected by spraying as much as necessary and machine washed. Don't throw away any more. Protect your health and the health of others.


Don't throw away anymore! Disinfect, wash, reuse... Preserve your environment and promote zero waste.


All Elyos PPE are washable and reusable, preserving your environment and promoting zero waste.